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First online: October, 1999
Last updated: March 14, 2004

We had three levels to choose from:

  • Prepare the connection, but not connect to the network. I think the only one still at this level is a person who hasn't built a house here yet - there are only big trees on his yard. The cost is approximately US$ 1100, without Cable-TV.
  • Connect with 10 Mbps to the network. This was chosen by about 35 houses. The cost is approximately US$ 1650 including access to the standard Cable-TV channels.
  • Connect with full 100 Mbps to the network. This was about $300 more expensive than the 10 Mbps-alternative. About $2000 per house was the total cost at this level including Cable-TV.

Access to the Cable-TV network was about US$ 200.

The monthly fee is about $10 per house for the running costs of the permanent connection. More about what is included in that later.

Most of us chose to finance the project by increasing the loan on our houses, because of the relatively large investment and the small addition to the mortgages.