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First online: October, 1999
Last updated: March 14, 2004
Network history

Everyone knows how the Internet has influenced us all by allowing us to find information about almost anything, keep in contact with friends in distant places and share documents and files with each other.

Between 1997-1999, my dad was involved in a group that was trying to get our neighbourhood into a sponsored evaluation project about fiber-connection to bungalows, but they missed that opportunity so they decided to examine the market themselves. Several companies were interrested in building our network.

It was at this point I got involved - when I heard what was about to happen and I heard words like "copper", "amplifiers", "bus-network". I wasn't very satisfied with this and I told them there is only one way to go - a 100 Mbps fiber network in a Star coupling - everything else would fast become outdated and need replacement. My only concern was what to do when the 100 Mbps would be too slow - because it is just a matter of time before it is, when HDTV and other high-capacity broadcasts become a reality!

The specifications changed a bit during the initial phase of the negotiations. More later on what we installed - we really wanted to be compatible with the FUTURE!

All companies with which we negotiated kept saying that they would base their calculations on just 40% coverage of the houses as interested in connecting to our soon-to-be-network. We kept telling them to base their calculations on 95-100% coverage, because we somehow knew it was possible to get there -- and only then the price would be reasonable for us. We also knew that all other methods of connecting to the Internet are at best rotten compared to our fiber network, so we put our trust in our neighbours understanding of what is needed to get a really good network.

After long negotiations we decided to get into business with Bonet who offered the best deal for us. Now when we had the price for 95-100% coverage, the really exciting part began - getting all our neighbours to join our project! My father did a marvelous job on this part! He went from house to house with papers describing the project and the price. About 70% said yes immediately, because they saw it was 'The Future' standing on their doorstep.

After a few evenings 60 of 62 possible houses had joined! (I won't bore you with the stories about the block next to ours that after a long time decided to get a 1 Mbps Cable connection instead, because they thought it was too expensive and dangerous to join our project - boy, do the kids in that block regret that :) ).