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First online: September 22, 2005
Last updated: September 22, 2005
1 Gbps internet central, September 2005

Our 1 Gbps uplink went online about a week ago. We're 100 households sharing that capacity and as far as I know, we're not even close to utilizing all of it...

Here are a few pictures of the central as of today.

Click images for high resolution image (5.3 MP) taken 2005-09-22

Upper parts of our switch rack.

From the top: Incoming fiber, patch panels, 3x Volition 4000 with fiber modules, converter, Cisco fiber switch (those yellow and blue cables are 1 Gbps fiber cables).

That grey/black flying saucer to the right on the wall is our Ericsson DRG for IP telephony.

Continuing: Phone patch panel, 3x phone switches, power outlets, APC UPS.

In the center: Our new Cisco Catalyst 3550 Fiber switch (24x100 Mbps, 2x1 Gbps single mode).

A bit more of the stuff.

The phone switches and the UPS.

Close up of the incoming 1 Gbps link and the 1 Gbps link that connects the new part of the network, Gradden to us.

Behind the yellow sign is a 100 Mbps fiber-copper converter for relaying the IP telephone-traffic to Gradden.

Another angle.

Connections to the Cisco Catalyst 5550. 100 Mbps fiber.

The Ericsson DRG unit.