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First online: October, 1999
Last updated: October 19, 2011
Web www.bjornerback.com
Måttgränd's 1Gbps (former 100 Mbps) Internet fiber network
Now (Sept 2011) with Native IPv6 too.

Welcome to the page where I will present the Real High Speed network we installed here in my neighbourhood in Umea in Northern Sweden in March 2000.

October 2011: Today we got native IPv6 access. You find us on: 2a02:7b8:201:6::/64
This web server was accessible on http://[2a02:7b8:201:6::50] or http://ipv6.bjornerback.com, but it has moved to a new location as of 2018.
ipv6 ready

September 2005: Yesterday, 13/9, our 1 Gbps uplink to the Internet went online! I'll take some photos of our central and put them online within days.

June 2005: We have ordered an uplink of 1 Gbps and are planning to invest in new network equipment to accomodate the increased speed and the fact that a neighbouring block is connecting to internet through us.

Remember: Everything slower than 10 Mbps is just a toy! :)

Current temperatures (graphs!) December 2005: We are monitoring the status of our switch room: Temperature (room, outdoors, switches) and a lot of voltages (from the APC UPS).
Take a look at this page for the current values.
Graphs can be found here.
Values are being logged already.
Sourcecode (C and PHP) can be downloaded here.
We are using a Linux server (old Pentium-II 266 MHz) and a US$50 circuit board connected to one serial port, and from the APC UPS to the other.
Contact me if you have any questions!
New 1 Gbps Central! September 2005: Our 1 Gbps uplink to the Internet just got online and here I have pictures and a description of its current layout!
Network expansion Currently (June 2005), the neighbouring block is in the process of digging down fiber optic cables to their house and attaching their network to ours. Read more on this page.
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October/November 1999 Pictures of the ditches and excavators.
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Systems at home Pictures of the fiber outlet in the houses etc.
Uplink@100 Mbps Link to the rest of the world (100 Mbps!)
Speed@100 Mbps How fast is a 100 Mbps link to the Internet?
VoIP via AllTele NEW! IP-Telephony (VoIP) via AllTele
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